Crew Show 1

Stafford, Canty, Long

Jeff Stafford, Liz Canty and Cary Long join me to talk about the big changes to Strava, virtual races, difficult decisions every runner has to make at some point, and we settle an argument over a popular aid station snack. We also share a new virtual running challenge that is fun and free.

Episode 002:

The Adventures of Michael Wardian

Michael Wardian joins me to share his story from his first marathon, where he had some pretty interesting rules about running, through his win at the Quarantine Backyard Ultra. He also shares plans for something he would like to do for 100 miles on a treadmill that has never been done before.

Episode 001:

Karl "The Speed Goat" Meltzer

Karl Meltzer has a lot to say ln this episode, about life, running, virtual races, you gotta love the Goat.